awesome fucking patty's!!

I am learning how to skateboard and it is really fun, but of course I suck. Ah. Got a good teacher though.

So...I had a kick ass st patty's!! I dont know why I hated David for so long, but I'm glad we put it behind us. I missed little Kyle too. And of course Mir and Ben. Not to mention that I wandered to a party across the street and ran into a shitton of people I hadnt seen since high school!! I was so drunk...I practically jumped into Beatty's arms.
What an awesome fucking weekend.

I am on my bi-monthly break from training. But I'm so addicted that I might still do my abs. I just love working out.
I can almost kick Jake's ass. Almost.

Now I need to go see a movie as opposed to finishing my Psych packet that I would work on if I had any academic discipline at all. Ah. I'm getting an A anyway. And I scored the highest on the IQ test. So...I'm going to go see the movie.
By the way. the only thing that sucks is my dimishing relationship with my best friend that leaves 500 miles away.
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sorry :-\

Ah. Nobody will know what I am talking about. But you know who you are.
It means a lot to me, to say the least. The fact that you were telling the truth all along, that you weren't sneaking away and you weren't making things up in the end. It's sad that we tore you apart that way, but everything happens for a reason. All that matters now is that it is over, it is settled, and everything is about to change. I'm sorry for being a part of this conspiracy.
I hope we can all move on and forget about this whole thing. I have been angry for way too long.

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I was so sad yesterday morning. I could barely do my ab work out. It made me sadder because now I have to work my ass off the rest of the week. But hey, people are starting to notice my progress, so that's something to be happy about :)


So David is back.
And so are all the of the insecurities and trust issues that I stored away for so long.

Don't be sneaky. I hate sneaky.

If I were you, I would take advantage of my offer before I change my mind. Even so, it looks like he is still the same bull-headed person he left as. Maybe after all of this, you will realize who the real friend. Especially when he does not comply.
I really fucking hate him.

But I am civil, and he is not. So I am the one who comes out ahead in the end.

The thaw has arrived and my car is running! Hell yes.

By the way, there are certain people who criticize my ideas and I don't think that's right. I think you are immoral and unethical, but I respect your hedonist opinions. Why can't you respect mine? This is why I avoid you. Now you know.
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too busy!!

It's sad. I have to update my journal while I am stretching for my work out. Damn.

I really want to take a breather. I wanted to start meditating, but I don't even have time really to research it. I want a day where I can just chill out and relax.

Gotta run.

P.S. Hole is/was fucking awesome.
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why are you so naive?

There is definately something wrong with you if you can't distinguish between good and evil. I've explained to you a million times why it is not normal. The people are afraid because they know it is not natural. They know that it is not possible, and they carry it with them for the rest of their lives. These are not experiences that you want to have. You need to walk away and then you will be protected.
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I think I may actually post some of our work on here. That way people can tell me what they think. Im also going to put some of it on deviant art

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So. It looks as though I few more addictions than I thought.

I am working exceptionally hard to be healthy, but of course there are a few habits that are just too hard to break right now.

Next week is spring break, and what am I doing? Working! Yay. It's and Amanda are planning a bunch of fun things for the summer. We're going to go to the 4h fair for sure, and probably cedar pointe for a day. I really want to go down to Louisville and see Shay, but it's just so expensive with those damn gas prices right now. Plus everyone down there is rich, so typical outings like restaraunts and bar-hopping can get pretty pricey.

I can't wait till Saturday. We really need to get lead on this story.

school today

So I have to get a shit ton of things done before I have to go to school. I have to do my cardio (30 mins), do my strength training (upper body- 45 mins @ shortest, lower body- 1hr), study for my test and do my homework (1 hour?) Not to mention eat lunch and dinner as well. So let's see...I have until 5:00. That leaves 3 hours. Ok...I have to go. Now.

Fuck. My iPod's not even charged.

Why the fuck am I posting right now?
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